Live cameras: Japan


Japan is a marvelous and beautiful country. There is a lot of eastern charm in Japan and any European can feel this after the aircraft landed. The large Japanese territory allows each tourist to visit desired corner of the country, which is closer to the tourist’s mentality.

One third of the Japanese territory is a conifer and subtropical forests. A lot of different traditions and habits, such as the formation of stones park, the creation of ikebana, tea ceremony and others were originated in Japan due to the love of the rituals. When the spring comes, this is definitely must be seen, how is the Sakura flower (the Japanese symbol) blossoming.

By using Insecam project you can see interesting places in the country. Through Panasonic cameras, which are prevailing in this country, you can observe the parking, restaurants, streets, shopping malls, architectural monuments, tall skyscrapers, and much more.

The Insecam project shows definitely other Japan, which you wouldn’t see on the TV or at videos from YouTube. Through the Insecam public cameras you are able to observe Japanese life right now. The catalog includes only approved public cameras. Their efficiency from catalog is getting checked every day and non-working cameras automatically getting deleted from the catalog.

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