Live cameras: Colombia


Columbia is a pleasant combination of Amazonian, Caribbean and Andean culture. This country is associated with mafia and narcotics for the most of human beings. But this is definitely not that thing that this country may offer to see.

Columbia is a classy country with unforgettable resorts and tons of sights that are not even learned to the end. Each tourist who had already visited Columbia tells only the positive reviews. Cartagena and its colonial facades, volcanic islands, national parks, Santa-Marta resort, ancient Indian cities and temples, Ands and eternity count of eco-tourism – this is Columbia.

Ancient but unbroken golden statues are collected in the exclusive Golden Museum, that is located in Bogota – the capital of Columbia.
If you beware of the mafia or any other troubles, you can use the Insecam project, that allows you to see Columbia as it is. Foscam, Linksys and NetCam real-time public will open you the clear view on Columbia. All the cameras being checked for the functionality every day, so you will see only workable cameras in this catalogue.

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