Live cameras: Denmark


This little country is also called as The Pearl of Scandinavian Peninsula. That is because of many historical and cultural treasures are located here. They can be visited in any year season with the Insecam project. This is a system of connected real-time cameras, which allows a user to see what’s going on in the place, they are reviewing. The system is free of charge and public, just sit comfortably and enjoy the view.

This welcoming country is ready to welcome each visitor from around the world who wants to celebrate the New Year eve in Kopenhagen or in Orhuse.

Also you can visit beautiful Odens, where Hans Christian Andersen was born. Denmark ensnares the fans of cruises too. You can visit few Scandinavian countries on ferryboat in winter. Tourists may enjoy the summer view on pure lakes, sand beaches. You don’t need to buy ticket to see that, just turn on your monitor and visit the Insecam project.

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