Live cameras: France


France is a country in Western Europe. This country definitely attracts tourists from around the world. France is the center of European culture, fashion, and, of course, amour. Each Sweethearts wants to visit the Côte d'Azur, the excellent Alps and Pyrenees ski resorts, visit the Eiffel Tower, see the medieval city architecture.

Everyone can discover for themselves a lot of interesting museums, castles, vineyards, palaces, beaches here. By using the Insecam project you can see all these stuff right now: a tall mountains and seashores in there.

France is romantic country and it exists for romantics. It has a rich history. But before you visit France, you can estimate the situation through Insecam project. This way you can find out more details about this country, to determine strained situation on the streets, which mass media are pass over in silence.

Here you will find: the streets, cafes, parks, car parks, offices, French shops. All these can be observed through the live cameras: Sony, Panasonic, Axis from the Insecam catalogue. The video is available in real time.

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