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Nottingham is a city and unitary unit in Great Britain, in the ceremonial county of Nottinghamshire (England). Located on the Trent River. Population - 273 863 (27th place in the UK; 2003 estimate). Watch camera online in Nottingham History Nottingham was founded by Saxon settlers around the 7th century, then conquered by the Danes. In 867 it was captured by the Danish Vikings and later became one of the Five Boros, or fortified cities, of Danelag. During the reign of the Anglo-Saxons, this area was part of the Kingdom of Mercia and was known in British as Tigguo Cobauc, which means Cave Place (also known as "Cave City"). It is poetically known as Y Ty Ogofog in Welsh and Na Tithe Uaim "Caveman's Dwelling" in Irish. When the city fell under the rule of a Saxon leader named Snot, it was known as Snottingham; settlement of the people of Snot. Some authors derive Nottingham from Snottenga, cave, and ham, however "this has nothing to do with the English form." The sound "s" at the beginning of the word was subsequently lost. Nottingham castle Nottingham Castle was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century on a sandstone outcrop on the Lin River. An Anglo-Saxon settlement developed into the English borough of Nottingham and housed the City Palace and the Courthouse. The settlement developed in and around the castle on the opposite hill and was a French settlement supporting the Normans at the castle. In fact, the space between them was built up as the city grew, and a few centuries later, Old Market Square became the center of Nottingham. Following the return of Richard the Lionheart from the Third Crusade, the castle was occupied by supporters of Prince John, including the Sheriff of Nottingham. He was besieged by Richard and, after a short conflict, captured. In the legends of Robin Hood, Nottingham Castle becomes the scene of the final confrontation between the Sheriff and the rogue hero. A monument to the famous robber is erected in the city. On July 7, 1558, a powerful tornado passed through the city. 6 people died, and thanks to this factor, this tornado became the deadliest in the history of Great Britain. Geography and climate The unitary unit of Nottingham covers an area of ​​74 km² and borders on all cardinal points of the non-metropolitan county of Nottinghamshire.
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